Your Pregnancy is a Wellness!

My training approach was developed holistically to encompass to both mental and physical fitness. Exercise during pregnancy and early postpartum will improve feelings of well being alongside supporting changes in your body.  Its never too late to begin!

Individual Sessions:

I will develop a program that is unique to you and your goals for a healthy pregnancy and safe rehabilitation wherever you are at in your journey. Your training will focus on functional breath, pelvic floor conditioning, diastasis prevention, comfort & stress release, muscle tone & retention, core strength & stability, cardiovascular training, and posture correction. 


Pre-Pregnancy & Conception:

If you continue to do what the body is used to you wont interfere with the critical reproductive factors. If you do not already have an exercise routine we will start slow and monitor how your body responds.


Pregnancy is a training state in itself, therefore, you will need to modify your fitness routine as you progress. Many of the aches and pains that come with pregnancy can be alleviated by mobility and low impact routines.  Exercise will increases your blood flow and oxygen levels,  stimulating the early growth of your placenta. Your routine will  prepare your body and baby for the stress that comes with labor and birth. Listening to your body and continuing to move will help you resume fitness levels post pregnancy.  

Labor & Birth:

You need physical and mental strength, no matter what your birth plan is. Exercise during pregnancy shows a marked decrease in the need for medical intervention: pain relief, exhaustion, artificial rupture of membranes, induction, fetal heart rate abnormalities, decrease in need for episiotomy and operative intervention. 


The changes in your body that happen during pregnancy will continue to shift well after birth. The focus of your exercise plan will be safe rehabilitation & personal time for you to enhance feelings of well being. 

Group Classes:

Join me at FPC (Fit Pregnancy Club) for group fitness classes. Our workouts are safe, vigorous and they will increase your fitness level for a stronger pregnancy and a faster postpartum recovery. We offer classes for Pre & Post natal women.  

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