Labor and Birth Support

I believe every family has the right to a positive birth experience. As your doula I will assist you to achieve this through education and preparation. I support any style of birth where the family is making choices based on knowledge of alternatives. I attend births in homes, birth centers, and hospitals. I have experience with clients seeking unmedicated childbirth as well as those planning epidurals, high risk pregnancies, multiples pregnancies, breech presentation, pre-term labor, vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), and cesarean. 

Birth Doula Service Includes: 

Free initial informational meeting
2 additional meetings (60min) to talk about your birth preferences & postpartum plan.

I am always available via email/text for questions.

3 weeks before your due date I am on call 24/7, until you have your baby.

I provide continuous support for labor progress, pain management, your partner, physical & emotional support both in your home and at the place of birth at any point you invite me until your baby is born.

I stay with the you in until the first feeding is initiated. And then a follow up visit when you return home.

Afterbirth, I am available with resources to help you and your new family successfully transfer home.

PLEASE INQUIRE FOR FEES. I collect a deposit of 50% when hired, with the final balance due 3 weeks before your due date.

*I strongly believe every woman should have access to trained labor support. I am happy to make alternative payment arrangements to nurture a positive birth experience.