This package offers a holistic approach the perinatal period, setting you up to feel empowered, educated and capable. We have paired doula support & education with mindful movement so you can both physically and mentally prepare yourself for childbirth.  

We will develop a movement program that is unique to you and your goals for a healthy pregnancy and safe rehabilitation.

Through 1:1 movement sessions we will build our relationship and learn how we best work with one another. We will spend time together with your partner discussing your birth preferences and postpartum plan. 

When the time comes to have your baby I will provide continuous support for labor progress, pain management, your partner and physical & emotional support. 

Your movement sessions will resume postpartum with the goal to safely transition you back into life & exercise and ensure a FULL postpartum recovery.

Every family has the right to a positive birth experience.  We support any style of birth where the family is making choices based on knowledge of alternatives. We attend births in homes, birth centers, and hospitals. We have experience with clients seeking unmedicated childbirth as well as those planning epidurals, high risk pregnancies, multiples pregnancies, breech presentation, pre-term labor, vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), and cesarean. 


Meet & Greet ( 45min-1hr) Complimentary

Schedule a meet and greet for you and your partner to meet me and learn more about what I offer and what you are looking for. This will help determine if we are meant to work together. 


-Physical Assessment & Goal Setting (1 hr)

-20 Movement sessions to be used bi-weekly (1hr)

-We will develop a program that is unique to you and your goals for a healthy pregnancy and safe rehabilitation. Your training will focus on breath, pelvic floor strengthening and conditioning, diastasis prevention, comfort & stress release, muscle tone & retention, core strength & stability, cardiovascular training, and posture correction. Your prenatal sessions will include Labor Conditioning along with Birth Prep & Positions. You will head into your birth feeling strong and confident in your mind and body.


-2 prenatal planning meetings, to talk about your birth preferences & postpartum plan (90min)

-Ongoing communication via email/text/calls for questions.

-At 37 weeks, 24/7 on call support until you have your baby.

-Continuous support for labor progress, pain management, your partner, physical & emotional support both in your home and at the place of birth at any point you invite me 

-Follow up visit when you return home to check in and process your birth experience (90 min)


-As early as 2 weeks post birth we begin 4th trimester recovery movement sessions. We start slow, gentle and early focusing on core reconnection & functional movements to address any diastasis, core & pelvic floor dysfunction and postural imbalances. 

-Around 6-10 weeks after clearance from your care provider we begin Motherhood Conditioning, adding in more cardio components and low impact. You will safely transition back into exercise and experience a FULL postpartum recovery. 

To learn more and to discuss payment, please schedule your Meet and Greet below.