Shared Stories of Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum with The Fit Doula

Deciding to work with Maddy was the best decision I made during pregnancy. I went from literally not knowing how babies were born to feeling totally ready and peaceful when the time came. She worked with me physically, mentally and spiritually to get ready for the birth, and then she was there to put everything back together afterwards. She looks at pregnancy, birth and postpartum holistically: not as individual events, but as part of a whole. Maddy was amazing during the birth, steady and calming during every unexpected turn, incredibly helpful to both me and my partner. She is truly caring and thoughtful and has made my journey into motherhood infinitely more joyful.
— New Mama

I first met Maddy during a prenatal exercise class, very early on in my pregnancy. She is one of those instructors that makes you want to return to class, week after week. I was immediately attracted to her style of training. Her workouts not only helped me break a sweat and get my heart rate going, but taught me how to connect to my pelvic floor muscles in a way that became integral to delivering my baby. Her positive affirmations, words of encouragement and general vibe (“You got this, mama!”) brought me a tremendous sense of comfort during a time when I was experiencing some anxiety and uneasiness.

When I finally smartened up enough to ask her to be my doula, she was, naturally, already booked solid. Nonetheless, we continued to stay in touch and I found myself texting her when my water broke, throughout my labor, and, of course, once my baby arrived. Maddy was truly my doula from afar!

I was very lucky in my labor and delivery. My doctor commented several times about how I “pushed like a second time mom” and how if every labor were like mine, she would “have a lot less gray hairs”. I know this mind/muscle connection that I had developed was all due to Maddy’s training. Even in the heat of the moment, and through the haze of an epidural, I was able to remember the breathing and pushing techniques that she had taught me. I felt oddly calm, and so empowered!

Postpartum, Maddy visited me at home to help me in my recovery. Again, her workouts became something to really look forward to. The endorphins helped me push through those ‘baby blues’, and to have someone focus entirely on my healing was so comforting. My baby loves Maddy! And there is nothing cuter than watching Maddy bounce my baby while she counts out my (moderated) burpees.

Maddy’s unique skill set is so special, but its her nature and heart that make her so suited for this kind of work. You’ll be so glad to have her on your team!
— Melissa
Where do I begin, just upon meeting Maddy, I felt like I had known her for years. She has this way about her that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. When choosing Maddy to be my doula, I knew that she was loving, caring, companionate, and educated. While she was my doula for both of my pregnancies, labors, and postpartum times, I never felt judged and always felt supported no matter the day or time. Maddy gave 110% of her time, love, and knowledge; thanks to that, I (or we) are forever thankful and hold her dear to our hearts!
— Valerie Marshall
Myself and my husband had decided early on we wanted a doula to help guide us through our birth and were very focused on finding the right person to support us. Maddy was my instructor at a prenatal fitness class I attended, I always loved the positive and relaxing presence she had, so one day after class Maddy, my husband and I chatted and that was it we were set on her.

Maddy is a gem, she is confident, friendly, and so supportive. I honestly cannot recommend her more, especially from how she supported me and my husband through our birth.

The end of my pregnancy was not smooth running unfortunately after developing hyper tension/ preeclampsia. Maddy went over and above during that last trimester, she came with me to my doctors to support me when my husband was unable to, contacted us on our many hospital visits and was there to offer advise through out whenever we needed it.

When, at 35 weeks I was told I had to be induced immediately Maddy was on the phone helping myself and my husband understand what was happening and what the doctors were telling me.
I am sure after your first birth every mother knows or understand that there can be a lot of pressure on the mother from the hospitals protocols, which is very overwhelming for the family. Maddy helped me push back on the hospital pressuring me to have a cesarean and supported me and my husband through out my labor when 36 hrs later I naturally delivered my daughter.

She then came back to the hospital once we were discharged and helped our new family home and settled me in for the first night at home with our daughter. As both me and my husband our Brits and a long way from family this was so helpful for us!

She has visited us multiple times and kept in touch, she is part of our and our daughters story and we could not be happier it was her we decided on. She’s coming to my daughter first birthday in a few weeks!
— Tash, Dan & Frida
I’ve known Maddy for over 10 years and when I found out I was having a baby, I immediately wanted her in the room with me. I knew she was doing doula work and knowing her personally, I couldn’t imagine a more calm, supportive and positive person to have by my side. The idea of child birth was scary to me and even though I have an incredibly supportive husband, I felt it would be beneficial to have someone with us who had been through this before, someone that could support me AND my husband since this was a new experience for both of us. She did not disappoint. Not only was she readily available in the months and weeks leading up to my son’s birth, but when the time came for his arrival, she brought so much extra love to our birthing experience. She provided encouragement when I was starting to feel weak, she provided a laugh when I was breathing through the pain and she provided relief when my husband needed a moment to rest (we were in this for almost 30 hours). Towards the end of my labor I realized I would need to have a c-section, this was heartbreaking to me, but Maddy took it in stride, provided a warm hug and reminded me that it was all going to be ok. I really can’t say enough wonderful things about her. If you are looking for a partner to join you on your birthing journey, she is the best.
— Elisa Shaw